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Transit City Condos

In Canada, Transit City Condos is the first phase of Smart Centre Place, Which is a 100 acres mater planned community, currently the largest development project in Canada. Condos will provide a wide range of amenities of a vibrant city center including direct access to a new TTC subway station.  A direct connection to downtown Toronto and Union Station, while maintaining excellent access to the400 series highway network within the GTA. Smart Centre Place already has KPMG as an anchor tenant, and with a sprawling development including, commercial, retail, hotels and a convention center, employment opportunities will continue to grow. York University is a short subway ride away and further down the subway line residents will have access to University of Toronto and Ryerson. Things that You Should Know before Purchasing/Hiring Are you an owner of Condominium? Or sooner or later going to hire a condo? Then you must know condos are special structure and they’re specially protected. Many transit city condos in Canada have association that provide some level of security for homeowner and renters. Also, there are many online insurers that offer condos insurance. You can avail the best suited insurance plan according to your need and location. This is recommended insuring your property with all fundamental amenities. Also make sure when you go online,choosing registered and reliable agent. Engaging in a deal with agent will benefit you in a plethora of ways. What does you Condo Association Policy Cover? If you’ve condo, insurance policy by association cover certain named danger for instance, fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm, hail, riot, civil, theft, smoke, civil disturbance, damage from aircraft, and vehicles. If you’re looking for personal property insurance, you should more focus on condo or renters policy. It is also recommended considering what you’re buying and your expectation if disaster strike.


  • Address : Portage Pkwy & Millway Ave

    Neighborhood : Vaughan

    Developer : CentreCourt Developments

  • Number of Units : 1698

    Floors : 55

    Architect : Diamond Schmitt

  • Smallest Suite : 503 SF.

    Largest Suite : 950 SF.

    Occupancy : 2020


CentreCourt Developments

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common questions

How are new condos launched?

How are new condos launched?

How do we save you time and money?

How do we save you time and money?

Why should I work with a pre-construction specialist?

Why should I work with a pre-construction specialist?

What are the closing costs?

What are the closing costs?

When is the best time to buy a new condo?

When is the best time to buy a new condo?

When is the best time to sell my new condo?

When is the best time to sell my new condo?

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