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Vaughan’s Urban Vision

Since becoming a full-fledged city in 1991, there have been many plans to transform Vaughan into something far greater. It was only in 2010, however, when then city mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua set in motion plans that followed a distinct vision allowing condo developments such as, Feastival Condos to become a reality. Overall, the vision for the Vaughn Metropolitan Centre revolves around two ideas. The first is the subdivision of the area into distinct districts for all the essential needs of the city: residential, commercial, and office. The second is the integration of critical green components like parks, squares, and open spaces. All of this being carefully laid out in a clear and cohesive grid pattern.

VMC Goals

Numerically, the idea is that—by 2031—there would be 12,000 residences and residential units, 750,000 square feet of retail and shopping spaces, and more than 1.5 million square feet of commercial employment spaces. Festival Condos will be one of the tallest high rise towers standing. Underneath all these key spaces are several underlying principles that guide the whole condo development. For one thing, they want VMC to be more focused on the utility of public transport as well as overall walkability—the better to lower carbon footprints. For another thing, they’re also aiming for diversity not just in design, but in the employment and entertainment opportunities to Festival Condo residents. Fastival condos will be set upon a background of beautiful, natural vibrancy, and a wholly “green” mindset.

The Districts

In order to better differentiate the key functions of each region, the VMC has been segregated into twelve distinct yet overlapping districts. The Core: This is the benchmark that will define the overall character and personality of the downtown area. It’s the centerpiece that unites the different elements together. Central Park: As the name implies, this is the natural center and intended focal point for any tourism efforts. Apart from the clearly green layout, it’s intended to also encouraged to have multiple uses. Central Park North: One of the proposed residential districts, this offers residents both living amenities and access to the transport hub to the rest of the region. Entertainment District: This district is intended for all-year fun and enjoyment and is envisioned to host museums, cultural centers, and even sports venues. Creditstone Corporate: When it comes to employment opportunities, this is the prime place to be. It’s the perfect urbanscape for the working person with all the work chances available. Avenue Seven South: This is one of the mixed use areas that will include residential spaces, retail services, ample employment opportunities, and even entertainment areas. Business Enterprise Park: Intended for high-end popular brands, this enterprise park sits close to both Highway 400 and 407 and it envisioned to be the central hub of the VMC’s business activity. Corporate Innovation Corridor: World-class and innovative offices are designed to be in this area. It’s meant to attract professionals in a range of innovative fields. South Community: Straddled between the Enterprise Park and Innovation Corridor, this is mixed use with a mainly residential slant and features a fully operational campus. The Mobility Hub: This area features the Bus Terminal, Subway Station, and South Millway districts, and is meant to serve arrivals into the VMC as well as those seeking to explore the other districts. Edgely Pond: This is intended to be the heart of the community and will feature the ecological and environmental principles that guide the vision of the VMC. South Black Creek: Finally, this area forms the other end of the VMC’s green corridor and will feature promenades, plazas, and parks, as well as the area’s access to open water. To learn more about Vaughan’s newest preconstruction condo development, Festival Condos, register today for priority Platinum VIP access.    


  • Address : 3300 Highway 7

    Neighborhood : Vaughan

    Developer : Menkes Developments

  • Number of Units : 656

    Floors : 59

    Architect : IBI Group

  • Smallest Suite : One Bedroom

    Largest Suite : 3 Bedroom

    Occupancy : 2023


Menkes Developments
From high-rises to industrial buildings, schools to state-of-the-art hospitals, transit stations to highways, airports to toll systems, bike lanes to parks, we design every aspect of truly integrated cities. Our collaborative approach focuses on future-forward solutions. We’re bridging the gap between design and technology, unlocking new potential in data-driven environments. We believe in cities built upon intelligent systems, sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure, and the human touch.

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How are new condos launched?

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How do we save you time and money?

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Why should I work with a pre-construction specialist?

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What are the closing costs?

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When is the best time to buy a new condo?

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When is the best time to sell my new condo?





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