Property Management Toronto

Complete Investment Management

Investing with Via Condos has ample benefits. One of our unique competitive advantage is our holistic condo management for clients. This wide array of services starts and ends with putting our clients first.

Property management is a pivotal aspect of this superior client service. Our property management division consists of property managers with many years of experience in real estate, particularly condominium property management. We help owners achieve financial freedom through helping in maintaining and increasing capital and rental income of their newly purchased condominium units through our proven and tested property management strategies.

Our team consists of experienced property management experts who have industry knowledge when it comes to managing and maintaining property.


Arguably the most important aspect of being a landlord is ensuring that the tenant is a reliable one. By leveraging our tenant selection methodology, we can ensure that only the best tenants are selected to live in your condo or home. Our team interviews and assesses the financial situation of all tenants prior to recommending them to landlords. Our process ensures that we provide the best tenant after validating their ability to make payments on time, keep the property in neat livable condition, and comply with all landlord requests.
In addition, we manage contracts, forms, documentation, checks, and all proceedings for efficient management of the property. Drafting and negotiating lease agreements, collecting rental payments and timely deposit of rent to property owners, is all part of our holistic property management package.

Our property management services include the following:

Property Management Reporting

We keep all of our landlords up to date with investment opportunities, the outlook on their current assets/properties, future outlook on the market, and also recommendations on when to hold, sell, increase rent, refinance, etc. All of our services are included depending on the selection of our property management packages.

24/7 support

Given our commitment to the property management services offered by Via Condos, we ensure 24/7 support for our landlords and tenants. As the intermediaries, we ensure that we have a good relationship with both landlords and tenants to ensure that the process is very smooth. We are available around the clock to help our clients with any inquiries or support that they may need. With this philosophy, we treat every property like it is our own, and as such, customer service is at the core of our beliefs.

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