Express Condos: The New Way to Live

Express Condos is coming up on a 2.8-acre parcel of land on Tippet Road in North York’s neighbourhood of Wilson Heights. The high-rise project includes 16 floors that will tower over a U-shaped six-storeyed podium and include 265 suites in total.

With 135 one-bedroom units, 100 two-bedroom suites, 21 bachelor units and 279 one plus dens and 39 three bedroom suites, Express Condos has something suitable for everyone! The sizes of suites in Express Condos will range between 479 to 1049 square feet.

One of the highlights of Express Condos is the beautiful terrace situated at the seventh floor landscaped in great detail and featuring mist zones and sun loungers. Stylishly designed interiors and a host of conveniences including pet spa, BBQ area, private dining are just some of the amenities residents will enjoy.

Express Condos is conveniently located at Wilson Subway stations making Yorkdale mall, hospitals, restaurants, banks and shops all within easy reach also the project is just a seven minute subway ride to York University. If driving is important, the cities major arteries are close by, including Hwy 401 and Allen Road

While Express Condos is a new way to live, it is also a new way to work! Close by are major employers including Randstad, Nestle, P&G, Bombardier and Oxford. All conveniently located in the Yonge and Sheppard employment hub which attracts 50,000 employees on a daily basis.

Ride the elevator to school at Sugar Wharf Condos

The recent groundbreaking event for Sugar Wharf Condos included a significant presence of politicians from all levels of government. Mayor John Tory spoke about community sized developments like Sugar Wharf Condos, being the reason why “families are actually moving back into the downtown area”. To unpackage that statement, there has been a long term trend of families moving out into the 905, primarily fuelled by an overcrowding of local public schools as this recent Globe and Mail article points out. The fact of the matter is in Toronto’s condo boom, space for additional public schools has been over looked and the ones currently existing are filled to capacity.
Fortunately there are conscious developments like Sugar Wharf Condos on the horizon, not only will there be a school within the development, but it will be built into one of the residential condo buildings allowing parents to ride the elevator to school, a first for the city of Toronto. Additionally Sugar Wharf Condos will feature larger 1,200 plus square foot family sized condo dwellings, not just tiny rental sized units, where families can comfortably reside.
If you also take into account that 4,500 jobs will be created at Sugar Wharf Condos in the new LCBO headquarters at 100 Queens Quay East. Those same employees have the opportunity to live in a family sized condo and take their kids to school all within the same development that is what we call smart, forward thinking city planning and will assure that Sugar Wharf Condos will be an in demand condominium residence for years to come.

Sugar Wharf Condos Coming Soon

Stunning views of the waterfront and harbour, close proximity to Sugar Beach, Google future head office and a host of amenities! These are just some of the highlights of the most attractive upcoming residential project Sugar Wharf condos. Situated at Freeland and Queens Quay Boulevard East Sugar Wharf condos will be marked by six towers of varied heights between 64 and 90 storeys. The residential towers will include a total of 1972 suites that range from one to three bedroom units.

Sugar Wharf condos will also include a 300,000 square foot retail space that includes the LCBO retail store and a grocery store. Important highlights of the Sugar Wharf condos are the 2.2-acre park with a first of its kind vertically integrated elementary school and a 25 storey office tower designed by B+H Architects. Designed to house between 7,000 and 8,000 people the buildings in Sugar Wharf condos project would be connected to the weather protected PATH pedestrian system. The community within the Sugar Wharf condos would also be served by the light rail transit in the future according to Menkes.

With a walk score of 95/100, the Go Transit and the Union Subway Station are within a fifteen minute walk. Sugar Wharf condos offer a very attractive investment opportunity. With a host of amenities including the public school, park, offices and shopping centers, the Sugar Wharf condos already has a huge amount of interest, register on this page to be informed when floor plans and pricing is released.

Meet the builder

MALIBU (Malibu Investments Inc.) is a Toronto based development company with major residential high-rise condominiums throughout the GTA representing approximately 4,000 residential suites delivered or currently under construction. Malibu has set the highest standards of quality for all its developments; infusing smart urban design with today’s lifestyle demands.

The rejuvenation of this neighbourhood began with Malibu’s first project Gramercy Park. Gramercy Park is a beautifully designed building surrounding a half acre private park at 525 Wilson Ave. Southside Condominiums, located just south of Gramercy Park, is now under construction and boasts two towers of 15 and 17 storeys with a private courtyard and rooftop pool. Following the success of both Gramercy Park and Southside, Express aims to deliver an equally thrilling living experience. With its proximity to transit, great suite designs, and a host of amazing amenities, it is the next great chapter in the development of Malibu’s Yorkdale neighbourhood.

Get to know Express

Express Condos is the final phase of the successful Gramercy Park development, spearheaded by Malibu Investments alongside, RAW Designs as the architects. The project consists of three towers with a total of 651 units situated on Tippet Road in North York. Each suite is expected to have an open concept design, with an inclusive balcony and expansive windows with many other exciting features and finishes.

Express Condos is ideally situated to bring convenient to your door steps connecting you to the Wilson Subway Station, Allen Road, Hwy. 401 and just minutes to luxurious Yorkdale Mall which offers an assortment of shops and eateries alike.

This regeneration zone has been approved with three levels of government funding totalling $2.09 Billion to revitalize the area. The direction of the Regeneration Plan for Tippet Road will increase the neighbourhood and community attraction by focusing on adding more parks, pedestrians and cycle connections and more shops with the Retail Streetscape which will provide a great community for its future residences.

The story of Transit City Condos & VMC

Imagine being able to build a downtown core from scratch… well it all started with a phone call… members of the TTC head office called Mitch Goldhar to enquire about using his lands in Vaughan for a future subway station. That sparked an idea, one of great magnitude, one that would affect the fate of Vaughan for decades to come. VMC was born. What is VMC? Dubbed the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, the city of Vaughan faces a unique timeless opportunity to create a new happening dynamic municipal intensification. The unification of a growing city, that is how the mayor of Vaughan, Maurizio Bevilacqua, describes the process of creating a true downtown Vaughan. VMC has now evolved and will encompass master planned community, with everything that one could imagine a true downtown should have. Within the next 20-plus years some 35,000 people will live and work in the VMC. It is one of two Urban Growth Centres outside of Toronto that is growing exponentially. The VMC is the largest new land development in Canada and the second largest in North America. In a mere 5-6 years more than 5000 people will be living in the VMC.The culmination of years of planning, consulting and 179 hectareworking with landowners, developers and city officials jointly established this one of a kind mixed-use project. The city of Vaughan has plans to create a downtown feel providing diverse opportunities for working, living, learning, shopping, recreation, leisure and culture. VMC will become a vibrant, modern urban centre for residents and businesses for an overall enhanced community. From inspiring multi-use office towers, residences, open green space and urban squares, pedestrian shopping areas and restaurants, to walking and cycling paths. All coexisting with some of the most technologically advanced sustainable buildings in the world.

Amenities Overview

The amenities at Southside Condos sprawl across the ground floor of the complex, the 7th floor houses 2 outdoor terrace, and the ground floor also contains a fully landscaped courtyard exclusively for resident use.

Meet the builder, Malibu Developments

MALIBU (Malibu Investments Inc.) is a Toronto based development company with major residential high-rise condominiums throughout the GTA representing over 3,500 residential suites delivered or currently under construction.

The story of Transit City Condos Part II

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre represents the movement towards the much larger regional trend of creating compact urban downtown developments within Toronto’s suburbs; transforming them into their own self-sustaining urban place. Imagine living in a new hip and happening location that serves all your transit needs, vibrant green living and accessibility to all major highways, schools and shopping. A diversity of interconnected parks and spaces will further contribute to enjoyable walking experiences. The vision of buildings that frame the streets and streetscape elements will support a safe, comfortable pedestrian environment. Life’s necessities will only be footsteps away. VMC will provide new ways for residents to navigate around the city, promoting their overall health and well-being, and ultimately differentiating Transit City from other projects in the GTA.The high performing facility will provide people better, brighter, healthier spaces to live in, work in, and even play in. It is to ensure that our future population and employment growth will be complemented with new, more reliable ways to travel.In short, Vaughan’s “New Path” is more about moving people – not vehicles. The development plan was created in such a way to facilitate such permitted uses of office, retail, community, educational, residential and leisure. The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is the ideal location for companies that embrace innovation, creativity and the future economy. Focuses on expanding and exponential growth for community involvement and city planning are ground-breaking for the birth of infinite opportunities. Businesses will have direct access to young, talented and skilled workforce, as the unity between high density communities and the business world collide. With an 8.6 km subway extension line (six new subway stations) including a new regional transportation hub, businesses will have direct and seamless connections to Toronto through York University, and the Greater Toronto Area. VMC has been said to be the “largest and most ambitious project in the city’s history. The time is now to join us in this extraordinary opportunity to grow and thrive in a city where it all happens. Be a part of a new change, a new city and a new future.